• Implementation of ICT infrastructure for the EWR E700XD weather radar network, including design, power network expansion, construction of fiber-optic cables and a mast, installation of radars on masts and connecting them to the existing WAN Meteo RL network.

  • Implementation of ICT infrastructure with access control systems, CCTV, videoconferencing, speech recording and IT infrastructure, including both passive and active devices (servers, arrays, thin clients) for the Operations Center of the Polish Ministry of National Defense.
  • Implementation of an emergency power system for military meteorological radars, including supply and installation of true online UPSs, together with a 24-hour GPS and WAN monitoring system.
  • Supply of synoptic support systems, including original software delivery.

  • Supply of a system for data reception and imaging from EUMETCast meteorological satellites using DVB.
  • Supply of wind profiling systems based on an SR-10 solution from the French company MODEM.

  • Implementation of a system of acquisition, exchange and visualisation of meteorological data, including: equipping the audio-visual room with a light wall with a sound system and automatic adjustment of blinds, and implementation of a meteorological data transmission system with the delivery of Horace V software.
  • Supply of a field meteorological station based on a cross-country Daily car together with the container construction and several meteorological systems, including a synoptic support system, an automatic mobile IMS meteorological measurement system, and a TD-4 upper wind measurement system.

  • Supply of Windsonic-M windmills with GILL Instruments SDI-12 converters for IMGW.
  • Supply of GPS PilotSonde upper wind detection systems from Meteomodem.
  • Supply of six field meteorological stations based on the Sprinter 6x6 underbody and specialised construction, equipped with several meteorological systems: a synoptic support system, an automatic mobile IMS meteorological measurement system and a GPS PilotSonde upper wind measurement system.


  • Supply of a Horace V meteorological data visualisation system including Met Office TDA (Tactical Decision Aids) package.
  • Supply of MZP 1 mobile measurement sets.

  • Supply of NATO-ACOMEX meteorological data exchange equipment and data visualisation software.
  • Supply of weather balloons and radiosondes from Meteomod to users of upper wind measurement systems.
  • Supply of windmills and weather stations from GILL Instruments under a distribution agreement.

  • Implementation of E700XD weather radar service from EWR Weather Radar Systems.